You found out who I am early. I probably won't be active here outside of stalking the dead chat. I'm here to deliver a message to all of you.

I've said sorry many times. Many, many times, and I tried to mean it, but I couldn't.

I owe you a reason of why I'm immature (though honestly it's not very good)

"Oh, damn, I'm really telling this to everyone?" is what I first thought when beginning to type this message.

Alright, I am not 17 years old. I am in fact 15, and I am turning 16 in February. When I was 16 I was actually 14.

I didn't care much for being gone at first but I realized that Wikia was a part of me.

I don't spam anymore. I don't slur anymore. I don't shitpost as much as I used to.

There are a pleothra of users that I'd like to apologize for everything. Pretty large number, so I'll just say sorry for being a bad staff member, a selfish person, an ungrateful user.

That's enough Destricia for you. Good day everyone.

And again,