Titanium, properly known as Titanium Facet 3D7L Cut 4 ZR is a Metal Gem Prototype and a warrior, with a human soul.

As a gem with a human soul, Titanium is an extraordinary type of metal, being able to have more enhanced strength than some Obsidian Warriors, and the intelligence of a human. While only a gem, Titanium has been a member of the Metals Force ever since the beginning of the Gem Apocalypse, it had been abused for its status on the caste system.


According to Yellow Diamond, Titanium takes after both its cousins, Steel and Silver respectively. It is relatively huge with a thick, stocky build. He has curly black-brown hair and full black irises. He wears battle armor, made of unused metals. Its gemstone, a titanium, is nowhere to be seen, as it's in the human soul.