The Secret Letter
Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date July 2, 2016
Written by Jekyll Junior
Directed by Jekyll Junior
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Disharmony Supernaturalism

"The Secret Letter" is the eighth episode of the first season of Pandora Planet Gems, and the eight episode overall.


The male gems stumble across a letter with a threat.


In the Gemstone Archives (similar to the Burning Room), the male gems were checking if any bubble was out of place. While checking, Amazonite stumbles across a bubble on the floor: except this bubble didn't have a gemstone, but a letter.

Amazonite: Hey guys! Check this out.

Sard and Moonstone walk towards Amazonite and look at the rumpled letter.

Moonstone: Why would a letter be inside a bubble?

Sard: Whatever it says, we need to find out.

Amazonite smoothed out the letter and opened it up. He read what was written.

Amazonite: (reading the letter) "The time is now. After a period of several millennia, I, Smoky Quartz, will return to the Pandora Squadron and have my revenge those who wronged me. I'm ready to fight and you're not. You have three weeks before I attack."

Sard: Smoky Quartz? Who is this gem?

Moonstone: I don't know, but if this gem has something to do with the team, everyone needs to know about it. Come on, let's go.

A few minutes later, all of the gems gathered in Sard's room: a fiery oasis with lava and rocks as the base.

Sard: Okay gems, we need to talk. Now, this gem we know nothing about has some animosity towards us for no reason. What could she be mad about?

Chrysoberyl: That's the point--no one knows! So there's no point in talking about what she's mad about in the first place!

Sky Blue Sapphire: I have to tell you Sard, but Chrysoberyl's right. The only thing we could do is train.

Sard was flabbergasted by what his teammates had to say about the situation, but he listened to them anyway.

Sard: (sighs) I guess you're right. Let's train.

To be continued............




  • Main Island Headquarters
  • Gemstone Archives
  • Sard's room