Synopsis (Pilot Episode)

An introduction to the characters in the Tao Gems series.


There were once two stones in the opposite sides of the Earth after there was a fierce duel of the gods. The two stones were known as the Yin and Yang, and they represented fire and electricity.

There was a black laced onyx that had white skin with black stripes, short black-green hair, red eyes, black sleeve-less jacket, blue shirt, blue jeans, and cotton shoes. He looked like a regular human if you didn't see the gem on his forehead. This was Black Laced Onyx, representing the yin.

There was a white aquamarine that had white skin, blue hair with red stripes, blue eyes, a white-sleeveless jacket, black shirt, silver jeans, and gray tap shoes. Her most noticeable feature was her slightly longer nose. This was White Aquamarine, representing the yang.

The two were enemies, ones that absolutely hated each other. The place they lived in was called Lithos City ruled by White Diamond, one of the leaders in the Rebellion one thousand years ago.

The two were both under the rule of White Diamond. However, they knew about their status of the yin and yang; they knew it. Black Laced Onyx loved this, but White Aquamarine despised this. She wanted to be like a human from Earth.

One day, they met on the battlefield. This day... is today.

"Onyx... back to duel again, huh?"

Black Laced Onyx was enthusiastic to battle White Aquamarine, sure that his electric-manipulating powers could beat White Aquamarine's blue flares.

"Yes... I am here to make sure you lose once and for all!"

White Aquamarine sighed. "You say that every time you want to fight me."

Black Laced Onyx knew this was the truth, but he only cared about being the ideal person; being ideal was his dream. He looked at Aquamarine. "The war starts now. We will duel later."


  • Black Laced Onyx
  • White Aquamarine


  • This is the beginning of the Tao Gems series.