Steven Universe: Legends, or just simply Legends, is an work-in-progress fanon series created and written by Mason Irving. It will be based of Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe, an animated series on Cartoon Network. One complete installment has been released so far, with another in the works.

Origins of the Universe

The series will take place in an alternate timeline which was created by the homeworld gem Emerald, who, in the main timeline, witnessed an alien invasion that killed the human race and all gemkind, both on Earth and out in the stars. Emerald, who lived around long after the death of Steven Universe, traveled back in time and prevented the death of the fair and supposed-to-be-leader of the alien race that conquered the gems' homes (he was killed by his cruel brother), and Emerald broke in the process. The result of this event created an alternate timeline that completely changed the history of the universe, and the events on Earth and Homeworld.

About the Series

The series will follow Steven Universe and his adventures with the crystal gems like in the original, but will tell a different over-arching story and have different lore elements. The series will be comprised of short stories, animated episodes, and three films, which will follow the timeline below. The series will have 16 installments. The first half will focus on the origins of many of the main characters and will lead up to the second half, which will see the story unfold.

Phase I: Steven Universe

  1. Origins (Short Story)
  2. The Diamonds (Episode)
  3. Rose Quartz (Episode)
  4. Pearl (Episode)
  5. The Crystal Gems (Episode)
  6. Amethyst (Episode)
  7. The Crystal Gems – Part 2 (Episode)
  8. Steven Universe (film)
  9. The Temple (Short Story)
  10. Steven Universe 2 (film)
  11. Peridot (Episode)
  12. The Cluster (Short Story)
  13. Homeworld – Part 1 (Episode)
  14. Homeworld – Part 2 (Short Story)
  15. Steven Universe 3 (film)
  16. The Future (Short Story)

Phase II



The Crystal Gems

  •  ???

The Homeworld Gems

  • Sunstone
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Rose Diamond
  • Lord Diamond


  • Her


  • Out of the 16 installments of Phase I, one has been written, one is a work in progress (WIP), and 14 haven't been written yet.
  • The first installment, short story Origins, will not be a retelling of the Origins of the Universe paragraph above, though it will mention and use important plot elements from it. So please read it.
  • In this fanon series, what the fandom currently calls 'White Diamond' and 'Pink Diamond', is being called 'Lord Diamond' and 'Rose Diamond', respectively.