Sodalite is a Gem OC made by UtauLein.


Sodalite has Blue hair, Sky blue skin, Shoulder pads like Garnet, The diamond symbol displayed on chest like Jasper, Grey sleevless shirt, Two white curves going down shirt starting at the lower sides, Grey shorts, Triangle gem on leg.


He is a logic oriented gem. He goes with the most logical answer when making a decision. He has gotten used to making decisions on the spot with little time to think, but it still bothers him.

He doesn't take bad news well. It takes a long time for him to recover. If someone caused this bad news, he lashes out anger at them.

He is overall in a good mood most of the time. Sometimes, he gets mad easy.

Abilities and Weapons

Sodalite possesses a weapon and abillities.


Sodalite has a Staff he summons from his gem.


Sodalite possesses basic gem abilities.

Air Manipulation

Sodalite possesses the ability to create and move air at his will.

Chi Manipulation

Sodalite can create and manipulate chi.