In Tao Gems, White Aquamarine and Charoite run to the rocket.


White Aquamarine and Charoite ran on the Lithos City sand and ran to the area where the base is. White Aquamarine's throat was tangled up due to the things happening in her mind, but she said,

"Diamond Niveus ego alicui regnum tuum; Fac me introire!"

The building appeared. The two ran inside and ran to the basement. Inside was another code. "Oh... what were the words? Um..." White Aquamarine panicked in Latin until she said,

"Diamond Niveus venimus ad tempus quo in periculo! Launch eruca!"

A diamond-shaped door appeared. The two went through it and saw a space in the air in a grassy plain... and in the bottom was a HUGE rocket ready for take off. The two Gems overheard Onyx and Yellow Diamond, but they didn't care. In the walls were several buttons that managed what to do with the rocket. They fumbled with them, trying to figure out how to set the proper conditions to launch them.

"Come on... Depone! Vade! Solvo!" White Aquamarine said, while Charoite was pressing several buttons. None of them worked, though.

Who appeared in the room while they were trying to work things out was Yellow Diamond, holding Black Laced Onyx by the head. "Your friend is mine. I have dealt with you for a very long time now, no? Every single Gem not in my legion will PAY."

Yellow Diamond summoned her weapon, which was on her back. It was a huge gun. She looked at each of the Gems and where to shoot.

"You two, it's inevitable; you're going to die. Where are you going to go? Now, who is the first to die?"

"Me." Onyx said. She let Onyx go in order to be able to aim better. However, Onyx slid away and tripped Yellow Diamond over. She fell to the ground. Onyx now threw a thunderbolt at Yellow Diamond's vulnerable body to stun her. It wasn't going to last long, though...

"Go! Whatever you do! Run! As fast as you can!"


  • Charoite
  • White Aquamarine
  • Black Laced Onyx
  • Yellow Diamond