"Ruby-Zoisite" is the fusion between Sard and Amazonite, and is a character in Pandora Planet Gems.


Ruby-Zoisite is about a few inches shorter than Sugilite. He has red-salmon colored skin and ruffled, spiky hair that is divided into two separate colors; similar to Garnet's first formation, but the colors are black and aqua green. He wears a unique, red and green tanktop that forms a cape collar at the top, and red/green pants divided in half. He wears black boots.


Ruby-Zoisite seems to be on task all of the time: he doesn't seem to worry about his appearance or whether he isn't motivated or not. He uses Sard's and Amazonite's respective personalities and combines them into a different perspective on how he sees things, which can be great in battle.


Ruby-Zoisite possesses standard Gem abilities and traits. Because Sard is a Quartz-type warrior and Amazonite is a fluent fighter, Ruby-Zoisite is an example of the perfect, stable fusion.

Unique Abilities

  • Botanokinesis: Ruby-Zoisite inherits Amazonite's power to manipulate vine and plant material.
  • Magnokinesis: Ruby-Zoisite also inherits Sard's power to manipulate magma and fire/lava material.