"Paraiba Tourmaline" (or Paraiba for short) is the fusion between Amazonite and Moonstone, and a character in Pandora Planet Gems.


Paraiba towers in size; he's about as tall as Yellow Diamond. He has very light blue skin. He has a slim, toned bulid with two sets of slender arms. His eyes are shaded by white bandages on his face, with the exception of his nose and mouth. He has spiked hair that fades from blue to a sea foam green color. He wears a red and green hoodie vest with several zigzag designs, which transfers to a blue sash and black pants. His wrists are wrapped in blue bandages, and he wears white boots.


Paraiba combines Amazonite's ecstatic personality and Moonstone's crazy side and turns them into a very unstable personality. He will obscure the main purpose of his formation and do whatever the heck he wants. If people judge him, he will not be happy about it and rampage. In simple words, he acts like Sugilite in a way.


Paraiba possesses standard Gem abilities. Being a juggernaut-style fighter, Paraiba uses his sheer strength to smash objects and size to overpower and crush any opponent(s).


  • Archery Proficiency: Being a fusion of Moonstone, Paraiba Tourmaline can summon his weapon: a solid iced longbow that fires arrows made of a light-based energy. The bow is roughly as tall as Paraiba himself, due to the bow's change in size. It is also entangled in vines.
  • Martial Arts: As a fusion of Amazonite, Paraiba Tourmaline may be possibly likewise prone to using martial art skills in battle, such as grappling, throwing, or simply punching his opponent. However, he hasn't shown this trait yet.  

Unique Abilities 

  • Botanokinesis: Paraiba Tourmaline inherits Amazonite's power to manipulate vine and plant material. He has demonstrated he can form water into various constructs that he can control. He is shown to form hands out of water that he can use to smite enemies. He is also able to form chains to entangle or trap enemies with.
  • Glaciokinesis: Paraiba Tourmaline also inherits Moonstone's power to manipulate ice material. He can mold the ice he generates into various constructs, with the exception of his bow, which he generates from Moonstone's gem.



The two seem to hold a grudge against each other, as Sard thinks that Paraiba is way out of control, while Paraiba thinks that he just wants to be a buzzkill.

Amazonite's and Moonstone's gems on Paraiba Tourmaline.