EDITOR"S NOTE: This series has been CANCELLED.

Pandora Planet Gems is a fanon series created by Jekyll Junior. The series mainly centers around gem warriors and friends SardAmazonite, and Moonstone, along with several others, sworn to protect their home planet of Pandora. The series was ordered for two seasons each with 20 episodes (10 episodes in each half) on May 30, 2016 and premiered on June 14 of the same year.


No. Season Title Life Span
1 Normal Lives, Certain Doom Chronological version (SU Fanon Wikia): June 14 - June 30, 2016

Restored version (Universe Fanbase): July 1, 2016 - TBA

Season 1 - Normal Lives, Certain Doom

Season 1 premired on June 14, 2016 with "The Tag-Team" as its first episode. Jekyll Junior has stated that there will be 10 episodes in each half, making a total 20 episodes for Season 1.

Summary: TBA


Season 2 

Plans for a Season 2 were green-lit on June 19, 2016, and will air sometime during the period between late July and early August, however, this is only a temporary plan.

Provisional Episodes Titles

  • Okay. So THAT Happened....
  • Recovery and Healing
  • Setting Things Straight
  • A Tale of Two Gems: Part 1
  • A Tale of Two Gems: Part 2
  • Don't Get Your Hopes Up
  • Fusion Free-for-all


Pandora Infantry No. 1


Pandora Infantry No. 2



Pandora Planet Gems: Next Generation 

A few days ago, my friend suggested that his gems he created on a different website could be a part of my series. The ones I've chosen will be added to a possible anthology or full series, entitled Pandora Planet Gems: Next Generation. The gems will act in a free-for-all, fighting against each other for military arts.

Gem Archive 

  • Kunzite
  • Red Agate
  • Kornerupine
  • Chrysoprase
  • Sunstone