Love and Separation is a fanon created by Olivia. It is about two gems called Rose Opal and Smoky Citrine. The friends might separate since Rose Opal fell in love with a human. Smoky Citrine doesn't want to separate from her friend, and tries to convince her not to go.

Focal Characters

Here is a list of the main/focal characters of Love and Separation.

Name Location Side Fate
Rose Opal Inhabiting Earth Neutral Active
Smoky Citrine Inhabiting Earth Neutral Active
White Benitoite Bubbled Neutral Inactive


Name Location Side Fate
Apache Chrysocolla Unfused Unknown Inactive
Iris Obsidian Unfused Neutral Inactive
Pink Tanzanite Unfused TBA Inactive





No. Title Description Release Date
1 Best Friends Rose Opal tries to tell something to Smoky Citrine, but....she is interrupted. March 11th, 2016
2 This can't be right! Rose Opal tells something to her friend that Smoky...does....something...irrational. March 13, 2016
3 Time to Build (Part 1) The gems finally build a home for themselves. July 14th, 2016
4 Time to Finish (Part 2) The gems try to finish the house. July 15th, 2016
5 White Benitoite Rose Opal tells a story about a Benitoite to Smoky Citrine. August 21st, 2016
6 Pink Tanzanite Rose Opal tries to fuse with White Benitoite. August 23rd, 2016
7 Apache Chrysocolla CANCELLED NONE
8 Let's See Her! Rose Opal shows Marykate to White Benitoite and Smoky Citrine. August 24th, 2016
9 Our Gift The gems show someone new to Marykate. TBA
10 Our Purpose White Benitoite explains her purpose of going to Earth to the two gems. TBA
11 Smoky Citrine's Story Smoky Citrine tries to remember, and tell the story of how she found Rose Opal. TBA
12 Let's Talk The Gems try to figure out how to make each of the fusions more stable, including Smoky Citrine. TBA
13 The Love Angle White Benitoite, and Smoky Citrine, dual for Rose Opal's lost affection. TBA
14 Love Smoky Citrine and White Benitoite try to figure out why Rose Opal fell in love with a human.
15 The Return White Benitoite, and Rose Opal, decide to fuse again. TBA
16 My Components Smoky Citrine tries to find out about her components. TBA
17 Pink Jade Rose Opal shows a old friend of her's. TBA
18 Corrupted Smoky Citrine becomes corrupted in a unnatural way. TBA
19 Roysten Turquoise Roysten Turquoise returns to destroy Rose Opal. TBA
20 Love Always Wins The End. TBA


No. Title Description Release Date
21 The Q%A TBA TBA
22 Who are we? TBA TBA
26 Smoky Citrine TBA TBA