Lightning Ridge Opal is Jinx's character, only to be used by them in roleplays.


Lightning is a big nerd and weeb, he find's anime and manga to be very fun to watch and read, often spending most of his time doing so. He's generally quiet and shy, but once he gets comfortable he'll spout off like no tomorrow.


Lightning is tall and very muscular. He's a force fusion of a midnight dark blue pearl and normal amethyst. So, he leans more in Quartz traits. He has soft, spiky, dual coloured hair. It's often slicked more upwards, giving a slight mohawk impression. He has a strong jaw and nose. His eyes are softer, dawning his kindness. He has a large scar over his right eye and left cheek. It almost prohibits his facial hair.

He oftenly wears armour, but loves comfy clothes like tank tops and dark wash jeans.

Powers and Abilities


He generally has power over lightning or other currents.