Hessonite is Jinx's character, made to portray story in their fanon. They're the pyro of the group.


Hessonite is rather brash, and not afraid to tell it just like it is. She likes to even exaggerate at times, to make the story even better. But, she's generally lazy, and has no time for anyone's shit. Not even her own. She does like to tease her teammates from time to time, but not too much.

Despite how it seems she doesn't care, she cares deeply, and wholeheartedly about her family, and would do anything to protect them.


Hessonite is short, chubby gem. She stands 5'5, and has super cute rolls. She has her head shaved on one side, and her hair long on the other. Her hair is a deep crimson, and her skin a brownish red. Hessonite has medium length arms and legs, and she commonly wears glasses.

She often wears a sweater and pants, because she's scared of her own body.

 Powers and Abilities