Heliodor is an OC created by CaramelizedCandy.


Heliodor has a light golden complexion. Her left eye is yellow, but she has no right eye, as that is where her gem is placed. She has three orange stripes on the lower half of her right arm, and one orange stripe ion her left leg. Her slightly messy hair is a dim shade of gold, and put in a pony tail that reaches her shoulders. Her bangs just reach the top of her left eye, and her hair covers the sides and back of her head, just reaching her neck. She's slightly taller than Jasper, and slightly skinnier than Steven.

She usually wears a dim gold cape, which reaches to her knees. She also wears an orange sleeveless shirt, with a light yellow diamond symbol in the center. Her dark yellow pants go down to her knees, with two light yellow diamond symbols in the knee area, and a light yellow diamond symbol in the crotch area as well. She also wears boots that go up to an area slightly lower than her knees, with a light yellow strap on the bottom of it and close to the top as well, with a gold diamond symbol as a buckle.


She's not very outgoing, and slightly stoic. She doesn't talk that much, and is quite serious, especially about completing missions/assignments. Whenever she screws something up, she finds it easier to put the blame on someone else or just deny the whole thing. She puts her diamond and her teammates before everything, usually not thinking about herself.

Although she can be very rude at times, she's actually very considerate about what's around her. She'll usually try to find some kind of shortcut or loophole to a mission, and can be very intense about what she does. She also has no sense of humor whatsoever.

She usually takes the lead during battle, at least when she's with a team. She's quite skilled at fighting, and she's about as strong as a quartz, but she isn't very durable either.


  • She battled in the war.
  • She isn't really used to fusion, and has actually never fused before. She finds it weird, and would probably be very uncomfortable meeting a perma-fusion.
  • She uses a small scythe as a weapon.
  • She has no depth perception.
  • When poofed, she usually takes about four weeks to reform. She can speed up the process if she wants, but if she does, then the reformation would most likely be weaker.