Blue Moonstone is Jinx's original character, and the healer of the Celestial Gem team. Only Jinx may use him.


Moonstone is a very nice, sweet gem, always looking on the bright side. With this amount of surprising optimism comes a sense of naivety, because he looks for the best in people, that sometimes don't deserve it. He'll always try to be helpful, but his amount of fears can get in the way.

Just because Moonstone is super sweet, doesn't mean he doesn't gave bad problems inside. He's constantly fighting insecurities and phobias, needing to even retreat to get away.


Blue Moonstone has a tall, lanky figure. He has very long arms and legs, with little to no muscle behind them. His hands and feet are very large, as well. Moony has a large nose, and rounded face.

He's the epitome of cute. He often wears large round glasses, and a big turtle neck sweater with soft beige slacks. With, of course, blue dress shoes. Moon also has soft, light blue hair, to combat his sky blue complexion. He even has freckles.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Healing

Moon can heal himself at such a speedy rate he hardly takes damage. His gem is made for this. He also heals his teammates/family all the time, since they're in trouble often. The feeling of being healed by him is like no other.


Purple Topaz: He and PT and brother and sister, they always get along very well.