• SeptemberSapphire2501

    The episode starts with lapis peridot Steven and Connie at the barn Steven plays music and starts to dance with Connie and they fuse and become stevonnie, peridot interested ask how dose it feel to fuse.

    Stevonnie: it feels amazing

    Peridot: well I wouldn't know I've never fused befor. Back on home world the only time when you could fuse was when you where fighting and we peridots weren't made for fighting so we never had a reason to fuse.

    Lapis: trust me perri you not missing much (looks down in sadness)

    Stevonnie: lapis I know being fuse with jasper wasn't a good feeling but fusing is a deep connection that is special and you should let one bad experience ruin fusion for you.

    Jasper inside lapis head: Your A Monster.

    Lapis with a look of horror…

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  • CalimTheCrystalGem

    Im back!

    June 6, 2017 by CalimTheCrystalGem

    So uh yeah? hi

    Im back

    Sorry for like. taking YP and never coming back hah

    I will probs be more active here now

    not much to say. hi

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  • Destricia

    Hey, all, it's me

    October 15, 2016 by Destricia

    You found out who I am early. I probably won't be active here outside of stalking the dead chat. I'm here to deliver a message to all of you.

    I've said sorry many times. Many, many times, and I tried to mean it, but I couldn't.

    I owe you a reason of why I'm immature (though honestly it's not very good)

    "Oh, damn, I'm really telling this to everyone?" is what I first thought when beginning to type this message.

    Alright, I am not 17 years old. I am in fact 15, and I am turning 16 in February. When I was 16 I was actually 14.

    I didn't care much for being gone at first but I realized that Wikia was a part of me.

    I don't spam anymore. I don't slur anymore. I don't shitpost as much as I used to.

    There are a pl…

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  • Katiebug586

    So is this wiki dead?

    October 14, 2016 by Katiebug586
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  • Pepearl

    fusion requests

    September 20, 2016 by Pepearl

    yay more requests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    basically you give me a fusion of your gem(s) and my gem(s) to draw. these will just be coloured sketches though

    if you could give me a gem for the fusion that would be really great, but if not i can find one myself

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  • Pepearl

    Black Opal Contest

    September 11, 2016 by Pepearl

    UPDATE: deadline is september 16!

    so im going to post this before i have to go and do way too much homework

    this is black opal and she is a fusion. to adopt her, you need to design her components. after the deadline, i'll make a strawpoll where the winner will be chosen.

    some stuff u should know:

    -you can pick any two gems, although she would probably be made up of a pearl and a quartz.

    -you don't necessarily need to draw your designs, but you would probably be narrowing your chance of winning if you didn't

    -powers, personality and backstory are all good to include - you may or may not want to include all of those.

    -once you win her, you're free to do what you want with her. her abilities, personality, backstory are all up to you. you could even t…

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  • MasonIrving


    September 6, 2016 by MasonIrving
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  • CalimTheCrystalGem


    August 28, 2016 by CalimTheCrystalGem

    When do Chat RPs happen? Are they events who rarely happen or they just happen when most RPers are online?

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  • CalimTheCrystalGem

    Hello Im alive

    August 24, 2016 by CalimTheCrystalGem


    Im currently moving the pages from the old wiki to this one, but I will most likely return (and post the old eps of Remastered LB Fandom) on blog posts instead of pages


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  • Boygemgirlgem

    hi! i have like, serious art block so im just doing requests. please keep it simple

    things i will do - weird doodles, ocs, canon characters, gemstones, corrupted gems, clustered gems >:^), SU backgrounds

    things i wont do - NSFW, fetish art, crossover art (unless i know what things are being cross overed..)

    also my tumblr is

    so that's like, all! here is some of my art if you want a preview. 

    Please be descriptive if you are not providing a reference of what to draw.

    Sometimes I may be doing a streaming my request, so feel free to join if I am! I will put a link here soon:

    I can also ATTEMPT to do it in a more Steven Universe esque style. If you are not pleased I can always re…

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  • Yesdemia

    Gemstone Requests

    August 21, 2016 by Yesdemia

    Heyo all. I am opening requests to create any gemstones that anyone wantsss. Note that I mean gemstones, as in the actual stone of a gem :3 

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  • Rena-Shi

    Strength Scale

    August 10, 2016 by Rena-Shi

    Roleplay strength scale. These are the strengths for RP fighting on the power and ability versus each other in the roleplay, based on the gem and what we've seen, this has been decided on by active RP'ers.

    1. White Diamond
    2. Yellow Diamond
    3. Blue Diamond
    4. Green Diamond

    1. Chrysoprase
    2. Rose Quartz
    3. Seranna
    4. Heliodor

    1. Rose Gold
    2. Bismuth (Deceased)
    3. Lapis Lazuli
    4. Serendibite
    5. Hawk Eye (Deceased)
    6. General Onyx
    7. Jasper
    8. Garnet

    1. Pearl
    2. Spinel
    3. Amethyst
    4. Ruby
    5. Army
    6. Doc
    7. Leggy
    8. Navy
    9. Eyeball
    10. Rueben
    11. Sapphire

    1. Peridot
    2. Blue Diamond's Pearl
    3. Yellow Diamond's Pearl
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  • Japkot

    Let me stop you right there, no it doesent exist.

    A Steven Universe MMORPG

    So I’m a big fan of MMORPG’s, and that’s an understatement, if I had money to put into this hobby, it would turn into a way of life.

    And I know, an MMORPG? for a cartoon? But think about it! How awesome would it be, and I can’t just let it go without forming some sort of explaining it to you all!

    Scenario: A rebellion rages on a Colony that Homeworld established, the rebels, calling themselves the Crystal Gems, are fighting for their lives on this planet and their freedom, to choose whatever they want to be. 

    Led by a Rouge Quartz gem called Rose Quartz these gems are rapidly gaining supports and the defection from Homeworld’s ranks are increasing,

    Character Creation:


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  • Yesdemia

    Pearl Party

    August 8, 2016 by Yesdemia

    Pearl Party is the name of the new fanon on this wiki, that follows the story of six defective Pearls, as they are forced into a single apartment as part of a social experiment conducted by the Diamonds. This reality tv show-like fanon is conducted by Tsun, Yya, Grace, Jinx, Enchi, and Rena. 


    • Mocha Pearl - Extreme slobbish nature, and the fact she is always sleeping
    • Midnight Pearl - Very dangerous, and was corrupted so she only thinks of killing
    • Akoya Pearl - Extremely rebellious and thinks she is a sailor, very vulgar
    • Smoky Pearl - Very forgetful, remembers very little
    • Cream Pearl - Very lazy,  often does hobbies that are unimportant and sympathizes for humans and rebels
    • Tahitan Pearl- Extremely arrogant, and does not think of or do more than…
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  • Bismuthdot


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  • Yyaku

    Fusion Art Blog

    August 2, 2016 by Yyaku

    I'm doing an art blog, for no one but myself, my goal is to fuse every single gem in Steven Universe with each other, and no matter how long that takes i'm going to do it, this is an art blog where you can request for this to happen. Here is the full extent list of fusions I will be doing, but you can request off this list to potentially up the chances of it happening. Please request one at a time.

    Full List: Coming soon, k THANX.

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  • Renegade Enchidio

    ok strongest, hottest peepl in tao gems

    1. Yellow Diamond (though this is ironic since she has been bested by Black Laced Onyx before)
    2. Moussaieff Red Diamond (beat BLO, which is funny since YD hasnt)
    3. Simple Silver/Pink Diamond/Blue Diamond
    4. Rose Quartz
    5. White Diamond
    6. Dresden Green Diamond
    7. Snowflake Obsidian
    8. White Aquamarine/Black Laced Onyx
    9. Vivid Yellow-Orange Diamond
    10. Charoite/Steve Strait
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  • Pepearl


    July 24, 2016 by Pepearl

    i swear this is the last blog i'll make for now i'm sorry

    ok so i have a bunch of old gem ocs and i don't want some of them anymore so YOU get to snatch them off of me!!!

    comment the one u want, first come first serve so ya

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  • Pepearl

    the title is meant to say "this time with 3 people" but i accidentally published and i have no idea how

    ANYWAY since the other fusion blog is dead im making a significantly smaller one

    this is literally just a hexafusion chart. each participant draws one 2-way fusion and everyone draws their own version of the 3-way fusion.

    if this works out okay i'll make an even bigger one next time

    1. fish fucker -  - will draw bumblebee/sibe
    2. twinks kink - siberian alexandrite - will draw sibe/ambi
    3. grace - blue amber - will draw ambi/bumblebee
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  • MasonIrving

    Time (Origins)

    July 12, 2016 by MasonIrving

    "Time has been altered.

    What once was has now faltered.

    The cosmos have begun again, quotes the lore."

    "With creation by the gods,

    I will rule with cold fists

    And my kingdom will be against all odds."

    And so, the words of the first one still echoes in the mist.

    Long live the first gem.

    Forever, ever more.

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  • Yyaku

    Ronaldo's Verse Interview

    July 10, 2016 by Yyaku

    Preview of Common Grounded: "Listen, Ronaldo, we appreciate everything you've done for us, but we really need to get off of this planet." Violet Jasper said calmingly as she put her hand on Ronaldo's shoulder. "I.. I don't understand..." Ronaldo said.

    Tne Ronaldo gems are coming back after a long hiatus, and they are not wasting anytime getting into the deep issues. The upcoming frybomb event kicking off July 10th, 2016 will be a 4 part episode series special that will show the events of "Common Grounded" an upcoming episode, along with "Journey to Jasper", "Voyage Clarvoyance", and the Frybomb's haulting conclusion "We Could've Ruled". Thank you to Yyaku for the exclusive preview of "Common Grounded" featured at the top of the page. Yyaku…

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  • JinxBinx

    Jinx's Art Blog

    July 5, 2016 by JinxBinx

    okay so my last goddarn blog dissapeared so i lost all of my requests from fanon.

    please put what you requested on here!


    • Ember - Rebel painting buttface light while light stares 
    • Gracie -  Contra, PD and RL, and Ambi
    • Japk- Zultanite
    • Mom- SSP
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  • Ember the ember dragon

    request me to draw something well my art is more sketchy than anything i may not be the best you may request ocs or fusions i dont care it doesn't have to be an actual su oc i hate this

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  • Aspyne

    Art Requests!

    July 3, 2016 by Aspyne

    New wiki, new requests! Hey all, It's me, Zynethyst, and I'm opening up art requests! There's five variations though, so here are the variations.

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  • MasonIrving

    Theory Universe

    July 2, 2016 by MasonIrving

    Have a ridiculous headcanon theory you've been brewing for a week and now want to say it? Say it here? Do you think Onion is the demon-spawn lovechild of Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond? Say it here! Or maybe get medical attention because that's weird!

    I'll talk about my favorite theories here, when there's enough build-up to look at. 

    BTW, my theory is that secret gem-human hybrids control the government and dress up as world leaders.

    This will be something.

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  • Pepearl

    A: they're on the old wiki

    yes hello it's me ur favourite.

    for those of you who don't know, SPECIAL FUSION FUN-FUN TIME is an event where a bunch of fangems get fused together. great times.

    1. you enter up to 3 gems (mind you'd be giving yourself a lot of work by doing this) for the main slot section, and if you'd like, a couple gems in the reserve section (no gem limit per person in reserve section)

    2. once the main slot section is full, the gems are randomly paired together. i will update this blog with all the pairs. the owner of each gem in a pair then draws a fusion of the two (wow!!!!!!!!!!!). as simple as that! whatever details you and your partner agree upon are up to you.

    3. now some of you will know that the previous SPECIAL FUSION FUN-…

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  • IrisIsBestPrincess

    I decided to make mirrored profile pics for anyone who requests them.

    For requesting, you just need to put the pic you want to be mirrored and I will do it as soon as possible. The pics will be posted on your message wall.

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  • AlexandriteTheCrystalFusion

    I have no idea what I'm doing

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